What you will find here…

After Bump Bum – These are posts detailing my experiences cloth diapering.  Many did not think we would cloth diaper past a few weeks… but we have and we still really think this works for our family.

Kitchen Sink Cooking – I enjoy taking recipes that I find online and making them my own. Why “kitchen sink?” Because of the saying “everything but the kitchen sink.” My family loves different foods from different places… therefore, we add various seasonings and spices to whatever we can, within reason.

Parenting – being a working mother isn’t easy… being a parent isn’t easy!  Follow my families bumps, bruises, and laughs as we figure out how to be the best parents we can be.

Gardening and DIY – a little bit from column A, little bit from column B… I love to garden, love to be able to give my family fresh veggies, and to create fun things for my family.


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