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After Bump Bum: What’s on the Bum?

We are now in full swing cloth diapering #2. Monkey and Baby Bear are shaped differently and, therefore, the diapers fit differently. Monkey’s chicken legs kinda, sorta filled out by the time she was three/four months.  At that point she … Continue reading

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The Next Chapter of Cloth Diapers: Cloth Pull-ups

Monkey is two years old now. She certainly has learned the word “no,” her favorite color is purple, and she LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine…. and I do mean LOVES, it’s an obsession really. So now what? Ah yes, potty … Continue reading

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After Bump Bum: Newborn Cloth Diapering

Monkey has sailed past one year and is continuing to fly through the months, so I have long since packed away her newborn diapers. It was a very sad day, they are so little and cute! Many people said I … Continue reading

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