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A Year of Firsts

When I am talking with a newly bereaved or soon to be bereaved person we often talk of “a year of firsts.” The basic idea is that everything that first year after a loss is new and freshly painful. Then … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Hands!

I’m a Miami Dolphin’s fan, as are my parents and my brother… Hubby, he doesn’t really have a team that he loves.  This Sunday, the Fins played the Patriots and I decided it might be fun to have some Pats … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink Cooking: Chocolate Covered Spoons and Peppermint Bark

It’s the second week of December and Hubby gets furloughed… who does that? Other than maybe Ebenezer Scrooge… He wasn’t the only one, basically his whole department was. not that it makes it any better. Hopefully he will return to … Continue reading

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