Is there life after the baby bump?

My husband and I tried for months to get pregnant; experienced a missed miscarriage; placenta bleeds; pregnancy induced hypertension; and other speed bumps along the way, but then she arrived… and, oh, nothing really prepared us for being parents!  We did the classes and read books… they helped… but now she is teaching us that you can do everything in the book and still not get it exactly right.  I have already learned that you never say never because you will eat your words!

My husband and I are both in our early thirties, work full time, and are the parents to a beautiful little girl and two funny fur babies.  Some say I am considered a crunchy mama, but I would maybe say crunchy lite… We cloth diaper; I plan on making my own baby food (some even from my own garden); I exclusively breastfeed (although she has had formula… we will get to that); I do baby wear, although not exclusively… but I am pro vaccines, don’t have any issues with physical discipline, and never planned on co-sleeping… but, well, we will get to that too!

I love to cook, garden, and craft… but how will this all fit in with a new baby? I’m not sure, but I plan on trying to make it work. There must be life after the baby bump!

Check out how we got here at On the Hunt for the Baby Bump:  a collection of my experiences with pregnancy and getting pregnant.


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