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Through the eyes of babes: Bugs

Tonight at dinner Monkey noticed a boxelder bug crossing the floor.  We have hundreds of these in the fall and into the winter the crawl out now and then.  They don’t really do anything, they just wander around.  This was probably … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink Group Cooking: Freezer Meals

Life is always better when there is a group of friends involved.  Since moving early summer of 2013, I have been working on building friendships in my new hometown area.  I like to believe that it is going well! I … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink Cooking: Baked Turkey Pork Meatballs

I am trying to come up with different meals to serve the fam… it is a little more tricky being with my parents since now I need to take their likes/dislikes into consideration.  Hubby is anti cheese unless it is … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink Cooking: Spent Grain Bread

I got Hubby a home brewing subscription kit for Christmas… he already has it and is half way through brewing his first batch (you know there is going to be a post about that at some point).  After he was … Continue reading

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