Halloween Baby Project Plate

A friend of mine found this idea on Pinterest, as I write this the original poster’s page is not loading, apparently too many people are trying to access it!  But maybe one day it will be available here.  Until then, this project was inspired by the picture the person posted.  She stated that she did not do it herself, and that it was created by a painting store.  This is how I recreated it:

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

Step one – purchase paint that is made for painting on ceramic plates (I found mine at Michael’s), brushes, and a plate.  I found plates at the Dollar Tree (also my friend’s suggestion).  No sense spending a ton of money on a plate that I am going to paint.

Step two – locate a cute baby to paint and a willing Hubby to help you.  Painting her foot was easy… lining it up and getting it onto the plate by myself would have been impossible.  Hubby and I ultimately did one at a time and wiped the plate clean a number of times!

Aren’t they cute?

Step three – Let the feet dry (but you can still do step four)!  I left mine overnight.  It took us long enough to get them done, I was not going to mess them up by trying to work with them too soon.

They aren’t prefect, but they are good enough.  Such little feet 🙂

Step four – Paint orange around the outside of the plate.  I eyeballed it and came out with everything lining up, but I was paranoid that I would get it done and everything wouldn’t line up.  I lucked out, but feel free to make lines on the plate to ensure that everything spaces out correctly.

Now let everything dry.  The next steps require you to paint over things so you want to make sure everything is 100% dry before moving forward.

Step five – I decided to do the lettering first and for some reason did not take a picture of the next step… my bad!  I did the top lettering first and did use a pen to write out the lettering; however, I ended up needing to remove the lettering because I did not space each letter enough (the pen I used was fine-tipped and the paint is not fine-point at all!).  It worked out fine and I am actually quite impressed with the lettering.  I was worried about it.  I did practice everything on paper first to see how the brushes would respond.  I think the only issue I have is that the bottom lettering should be a little more to the right, but I am a perfectionist like that!

Almost Done!

Step six – I made the witch hats, the socks, shoes, arms, and the broom.  I left the outline of the broom until everything dried.

Step seven – Outline the brooms and its done!  I decided against the orange on the hats that was on the original and I also changed the legs (the original did what looked like links and I opted for purple).  I did not like the way the orange looked when I added it so I decided to leave the hats black.  I also made them both “girl” witches (they have hair) because I have a weird thing about a boy witch.  Yes, I know silly.  Boys can be witches, but whatever… it’s my project!  🙂


About Emma BL

In the begining, there was just the two of us, then there were furbabies, and then a baby! We started trying to conceive in Nov 2010, but experienced complications and a miscarriage. Finally in April 2012 we welcomed Monkey and Bear joined in 2015. While preggo and trying to become preggo with Monkey, I often hit the web search for information about what is happening to me and I hope that through sharing my experiences, others gain some knowledge. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet. So take all my experiences and advice with a grain of salt! Now that Monkey and Bear are around and we have made the transition to parents... we try to answer the question "is there life after the baby bump?"
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