Kitchen Sink Cooking: Poached Tilapia with Tomatoes, Avocado, and Pasta with a Wine and Vegetable Sauce

My hubby is not a fan of fish, so on the nights when I eat fish it is dining for one. He wanted to eat potstickers for dinner, but, alas, there is soy in potstickers so it is off my menu for now. I had purchased a bag of individually wrapped tilapia from Costco to keep in my deep freeze for just this occasion.


  • Serving Size of Tilapia (this can easily be doubled, tripled, etc. to suit needs)
  • 8oz of Vegetable Stock
  • Cup and 1 tbsp of Water
  • 1/3 cup and 2 tbsp of White Wine
  • Serving Size of Pasta (any is fine, but whole wheat does take long to cook and tends to need more fluid in my opinion)
  • 1/2 an Avocado
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Heaping tsp of Corn Starch
  • Salt, pepper, and dill to taste

I took a cup of my vegetable stock and melted half of it in a pot to cook my pasta in and put the rest into a fry pan to poach my fish. I added a cup of water and the 2 tbsp of wine to the pasta and brought it to a boil until cooked through.

I added the 1/3 cup of wine to the fry pan along with the vegetable stock, added the fish, covered it and brought it to a boil, then turned it down to a simmer. I cooked the fish on one side until the top started to lose it’s translucency and then turned it over and cooked until it easily flaked with a fork.

Once the pasta was finished, I took the corn starch and mixed it with the tbsp of water to make a slight paste. I added it to the pasta and the left over liquid from cooking, brought to a boil, and stirred to prevent clumping.

I added the pasta, some of the thickened sauce, and the fish together, seasoned to taste with salt, pepper, and dill. Then I added avocado (I need to make sure I am getting enough protein and fats while on this limited diet along with breastfeeding, you don’t need to add this if you don’t want to!) and some cherry tomatoes from my garden, halved.

The sauce was delish! I think I have a new way to make pasta sauce. I would have love love loved to have added Feta or Parmesan to this, but that’s not an option for me. Also, peas would be really good in this too.


About Emma BL

In the begining, there was just the two of us, then there were furbabies, and then a baby! We started trying to conceive in Nov 2010, but experienced complications and a miscarriage. Finally in April 2012 we welcomed Monkey and Bear joined in 2015. While preggo and trying to become preggo with Monkey, I often hit the web search for information about what is happening to me and I hope that through sharing my experiences, others gain some knowledge. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet. So take all my experiences and advice with a grain of salt! Now that Monkey and Bear are around and we have made the transition to parents... we try to answer the question "is there life after the baby bump?"
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