The adventures of my “Dear Husband”

On baby birth boards DH is the shorthand used for “Dear Husband” or “Darling Husband.”  Occasionally it also means “Dick Head!”  These boards are generally full of posts bashing/venting about what their DH did or didn’t do.  I can honestly say that my DH is generally helpful and understanding… I say generally because,

First – no one is perfect and everyone has bad days.

Second – he can’t read my mind, so its unreasonable for me to get all out of my pram when he doesn’t! (Although I generally do and then have to apoligize).

Third – men just aren’t wired to think outside the box… well at least my man is not!

My hubby, like many men who are soon to be father’s, start to worry about things like bathing their child without being labeled a child molester or figuring out how to not drop them. I can happily say that he bathes, changes, and occasionally feeds monkey and has not actually dropped her (although there was a close call once!).

At this point I am pretty much attached at the hip to monkey because she is breast feeding and as a result of some issues with monkey’s diet needs all the milk I had stored had to be thrown out (no bueno for sure!). DH told me a couple weeks ago (when she was around 6wks old) that if I wanted to go out for an evening I could leave monkey with him. We were out at the store at the time and she needed changing after her feeding. So I asked him to change her while I went quickly popped into Michaels.

I was in the store maybe 15 or 20 minutes (they couldn’t find what I wanted) and in walks DH with monkey in his arms. New onsie, no blanket, and not in her carrier… I looked at him and asked what happened. Apparently, he put her on the changing pad in the back of the car and she spat up on herself and the pad. He cleaned her up and started to take off her diaper and as he did she stuck her foot in her poop and then spat up again, also getting it on the car seat. The poop, of course got on DH while she was rolling around on the pad as the back seat is sloped. He got her changed and cleaned up, changed her onsie, and went to put her back in her car seat when she decided that she wanted to start screaming at the top of her lungs… that’s when he decided it was time to come inside and find me. I then asked him if he wanted to take back the offer for me to have a night out, to which he replied he wouldn’t be surprised if he lost unsupervised visitation with her! Oh boy!


About Emma BL

In the begining, there was just the two of us, then there were furbabies, and then a baby! We started trying to conceive in Nov 2010, but experienced complications and a miscarriage. Finally in April 2012 we welcomed Monkey and Bear joined in 2015. While preggo and trying to become preggo with Monkey, I often hit the web search for information about what is happening to me and I hope that through sharing my experiences, others gain some knowledge. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet. So take all my experiences and advice with a grain of salt! Now that Monkey and Bear are around and we have made the transition to parents... we try to answer the question "is there life after the baby bump?"
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